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Thursday, October 7, 2010
February/March 2018
Well we made it through the Holidays with continued growth and improvements. We had the best Christmas party that this Lodge has seen in a long time. Big turn out and good will spilled over to everyone. It was heart warming. Right after that the New Years Eve Party and again a great success. The band “Twisted Minds” just tore it up. All patrons got home safe and sound. As we get better hosting these events our participation is just going to continue to go up.
On our Lodge project updates: Connection to Cocoa Sanitary Sewer, the surveyor (GAI) has finalized the document and passed it along to the Civil Engineer (CCEI, Consulting Civil Engineering Inc) and the plans are being finalized for submission to competing contractor firms. We are with in a month or so of having those plans.
Administrator Office reconstruction: As mentioned before this is on hold as the Sewer project affects this endeavor. As soon as the Sewer is complete we re-release the plans to contractors for bids.
Parking lot Re-Surface: This is on hold also as both the Sewer and Office re-build will affect this.
We have made improvements to the kitchen and will continue to do so. First we installed a roll up door between the Kitchen and the Banquet Room to replace the one that was falling apart. Then we replaced the ceiling tiles and changed the lighting to LED’s (thanks Kenny Ball). That was quite an improvement. Next is new Cabinets and flooring. We are going to do these upgrades so we have as little impact as possible to the operation of the kitchen.
Up and coming: We had our first successful Prime Rib dinner and we hope this to be once a month event, thank you Mike and Lori.
We are having a Newlywed Game night. This is going to be hilarious so you don’t want to miss this.
Last but not least is our Valentine Dance with the King and Queen selection, Make sure you vote for your favorite couple.
Thursday, July 30, 2015
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From the desk of Administrator
Brothers and sisters
Let me start by saying Happy New Year! I hope every one of our members have a great year as far as the lodge goes I know it will be a great year because we have some of the best members in the world. As far as the state of the Cocoa Moose, it is in the best state it has ever been with a lot more improvements coming. We are growing in membership and revenues. Cocoa 1717 is the only lodge in our district with positive numbers in Membership (currently 12 more than last year) that is something to be proud of. We will be paying off our mortgage in Feb. yeah!!!!! We intend on getting more involved with local youth sports this year and looking forward to it. If you missed our Christmas party you missed one heck of a good time. The Brass Trigger band performed for us and I gained 5 pounds lol. We had a great New Years Party with a great band (Twisted Minds) truly a night to remember.
If you haven’t come out to one of our parties you really should. You wont regret it. We are having a ground hog day celebration put together by your Governor Floyd Hannaford on Feb. 2nd. Don’t forget presidents day (come dressed as a president and get 2 for 1s all day). Also St. Patrick’s day is coming so look for a party then. There will be a Mortgage payoff party (that one will be special). We have elections coming up in April for our new board that takes over on May 1st if you are interested in running there will be a sign up sheet posted in March. Thanks to all of you who help make this lodge the best, and friendliest lodge in the state.
Phil Jaworowski

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