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Thursday, October 7, 2010
Lots and lots of news to be relayed in this newsletter. One of the more note worthy things is that the mortgage for the building has been satisfied. We paid this off in about half of the scheduled time. Our Sewer project is still moving forward and we have the preliminary plans back from the civil engineer. The next step is approval from the city. After that we obtain a General Contractor and real work begins.
We’ve had a hiccup in our kitchen lunch routine and currently have no cook. Be advised that we are working diligently to correct this and should have someone on line soon. That said we are working to improve our kitchen equipment and space. We are replacing the Char-broiler and Griddle and they will probably be in place by the time you get this newsletter. We have upgraded the Char-broiler from a 2 ft. unit to a 3 ft. unit and stayed with the original size of Griddle which was 2 ft. We are replacing the kitchen cabinets and what we have planned is going to really make a difference in there, it is going to be awesome. We are going to tile the floor in the kitchen so if you can recommend someone please let a board member know. We are going to replace all the hall doors with Stainless just like the ones at either end now, so this will be the two bathroom doors and the back-bar. They aren’t on order yet but will be soon.
On the Moose Side again we are the only Lodge in the district that is Plus one in membership (we are actually +3), it has been this way for the last few months. The membership number for LOOM is creeping slowly towards 400 and as of this writing we are 379. Arrears are still high but we have a program in place to address this.
Another new addition is our FaceBook page, visit “The New Cocoa Moose” on FaceBook.
We are electing a new Board and the Election will be April 2nd during the General Meeting. So if you plan to vote be at the lodge by 7:00 pm on the 2nd.